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Smart Pool Checker

Smart Pool Checker - Salt water Pool & Spa maintenance made easy!

Salt water pool system sets new standards for swimming pool and spas for its low running cost over the year.  Since salt as compare to commercial chlorine are far more economical.  
Salt pool systems delivers a constant stream of pure chlorine generated from salt.  The benefits of such system replaces chloramines which are the source of irritations and the softening effects of electrolysis and reduction of dissolved alkali minerals offer soothing effects.  For people who are sensitive to chlorine, the controlled amount of pure chlorine generated is less offensive.
The key to salt pool maintenance is simple but yet critical.  Salt due to its corrosive properties must be controlled so it will not corrode the expensive electrolytic cells.  The SMART Pool Checker is a simple yet effective tool to check for an ideal salt concentration so you do not overload the system.

Advanced Features:

  • Display reading in % or ppt.
  • One touch calibration.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Model: Smart Pool Checker
Units of measurement % ppt
Range: 0.00 to 1.00% 0.0 to 10.0 ppt
Resolution: 0.01% 0.1 ppt
Accuracy: ± 0.03% ± 0.3 ppt
Battery Type: 4 x 1.5V button cell (Alkaline A76 or equivalent)
Battery Life: Approx. 150 hours
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0 to 50°C or 32 to 122°F
Packaging Dimension Size (LxWxH): 185mm x 65mm x 25mm
Packaging Weight: Approx. 135gm
Product Dimension Size (LxWxH): 170mm x 32mm x 15mm
Product Weight: Approx. 70gm
 Operations Manual  

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

1.  SS0005N - CAL 0.5% / 5ppt Standard Salinity Solution - 90ml
2.  VXLR44Q - Button Cell Battery LR44 -1.5 volts (In packs of 4pcs)